Laszlo Nagy wrote:

I would like to get the list of the users who are actively logged in remotely with gdm, along with their IP address. The commands 'w' and 'users' does not work. What is the right command to get this list?

Let me turn that question around slightly:

  How can I get gdm(8) to record user logins in /var/run/utmp ?

It's the utmp file that commands like w(1) and users(1) read in order
to present the list of logged-in users.  As far as I know this is the
only effective means the system uses to record who is logged in when --
I'm not aware of any gdm(1) specific equivalent.

Now, in order for a login to be recorded in utmp(5) it should suffice to
have a line like:

 session         required          no_fail

in the appropriate file under /etc/pam.d or /usr/local/etc/pam.d

I'm using /etc/pam.d/xdm as a reference -- xdm(8) is functionally
similar to gdm(8) and I'd think it would have a very similar PAM
configuration.  However I haven't positively verified that, and you'ld
do well to search for PAM-related info in gdm documentation and so



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