If anyone can suggest a solution to my problem, it would be greatly

I have a PC with one IDE harddrive, two partitions, one operating system:
Windows 2000 (partitions are mapped as C: and D: under Windows).  I wanted
to install a second IDE harddrive that came from my colleague's PC.
First, before installing new harddrive, I set jumper to "slave".  I
thought it should not matter what data was on new harddrive and ignored
the fact that FreeBSD OS had been previously installed on this drive.  I
installed second drive, but PC did not boot (did not like the fact that
first drive jumper was set to "cable select").  I moved jumper (too lazy
to remove drive - figured I would get it right within 2 guesses), PC still
did not boot.  Third try - PC booted to Windows as expected, but problem:
only C: mapped (no D:).  Windows asked to be rebooted to update changes -
okay - still no D:.  Remove second drive from system (return it to
original state) - still no D:.  Run "Partition Magic" and find that whole
first drive is designated as 'unknown' format and labelled "FreeBSD...".

It seems the Master Boot Record (MBR) of the first drive was somehow
manipulated by the presence/installation of the second drive.  Everyone I
talked says this should be impossible, but no one can offer any
alternative explanation as to what happened.  I have nearly 10 years
experience setting various multiple OS / muliple harddrive PCs (although I
haven't got around to trying FreeBSD), but I never had this problem

Needless to say, the data on D: is fairly precious to me and I will make
my next move cautiously, but does anyone have a suggestion as to what that
move might be???

Tim DeMonte

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