Anyone else seeing corrupt snapshot errors on the portsnap servers? I tried a couple times and got the below. I didnt allow it to complete.

Looking up mirrors... 4 mirrors found.
Fetching snapshot tag from done.
Fetching snapshot metadata... done.
Updating from Thu Mar 13 06:10:47 PDT 2008 to Fri Mar 14 07:19:41 PDT 2008.
Fetching 4 metadata patches. done.
Applying metadata patches... done.
Fetching 4 metadata files... gunzip: (stdin): unexpected end of file
metadata is corrupt.

Fetching 587 new ports or files... /usr/sbin/portsnap: cannot open 1fcb6a83f53e20e2efc4dda71489275f065f73eed6c16dc422287ca081232112.gz: No such file or directory
snapshot is corrupt.

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