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> Subject: wget / wput
> I began using wput recently.
> While wput completes a transfer, it always ends with a
> Segmentation fault: 11
> if the wput is forced to fail (with an incorrect password for 
> instance) it issues
> what appears to be a correct response:
>   "login-Sequence failed .."
>   "Transmission of 1 file failed."
> but if the transfer completes as expected, Seg fault every time!
> suggestions would be appreciated.  This is on FreeBSD 7.0 i386, however
> I noticed the same error on 6.2 (and quit using wput for THAT reason).
> Now I *would* like to use it, but this is disconcerting.

File a send-pr, this is obviously a bug with the port and the
port maintainer should correct it.  seg-faults happen when the
programmer makes a mistake in the code, the port manager should
have caught this and either corrected the bug or pursued it with
the developer of wput.  If a porter can't get a program to
build without segfaulting under FBSD and they cannot get help from
the developer, they should abandon the port.

In the meantime, try going to the site that the wput program is
hosted at and downloading the source, then compile it according
to the directions in the wput distribution, and see if it still

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