Incoming Mail List wrote:
>> I have only ONE question.
>> Where is packages-6.2-release? I have FreeBSD 6.2, and tuning it.
>> Where I can download packages for my freebsd version?
> Thats a great question, and it appears that the 6.2-release packages
> repository has been removed.  Looking in I see 5-stable,
> 6-stable, 6.3-release, 7-stable, 7.0-release, and 8-current.  There is
> no 6.2-release directory so "pkg_add -r" returns an error for any package
> that you try to load.  Very aggravating.

Aggravating indeed.  The real question here is why the OP does not
upgrade to 6.3-RELEASE.

I don't see a problem with not providing disk space for such a specific
set of packages, and especially when a number of them can be found on
the ISOs for the release in question.

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