In the last episode (Mar 16), Razmig K said:
> With IPFW enabled in the kernel, I'd like to use the NAT functionality of 
> user-ppp instead of natd. Do I need the IPDIVERT option in the kernel and 
> the special arrangement of divert and skipto rules in the ruleset? Or, a 
> non-NATed ruleset (as demonstrated in handbook section would 
> suffice?
> If divert rules are necessary, what argument do I need to pass to action 
> divert in place of natd?

If you mean the "nat enable yes" option in ppp.conf, that is done
completely within the user-ppp daemon (using the same libalias libarary
that natd uses).  Since user-ppp creates its own tun# device, it can
call the NAT functions as it processes packets to/from that device
without needing IPFW divert rules.

        Dan Nelson
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