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I think I can answer this one. Perhaps, not enough disk space? See, the "Where is packages-6.2-release" for more context. You know, disk
space isn't infinite...uh-huh.

Easy to bitch, ain't it?
Make an iso-dvd then and provide the space and bandwidth.

I hope they never release a DVD officially, cause it'll mean that 80% of what's downloaded then will never ever be used, yet it does use up the bandwidth on every new release. Stick to windows if you believe that's a
proper use of resources.

How many iterations of:
"I just downloadededed all 4 iso's(sic) and the
bootonly, which one do I need to do a nef tea pee

Ok you do that maybe once or twice but you quickly understand that you don't really need the CD2 and CD3. Also some people like to collect. They have shelves with all the releases from from Unix V3, but I am sure this is not the majority.

Save the bandwith!


Fred C!
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