Nope. But I would be interested to see what the line is that compiles uic. And what configure produces.

I still think there's something '6.x-ish' going on here, but without knowing how uic gets built, it's anyone's guess.

Could you try the following:
cd /usr/ports/x11/qt33
make clean
mkdir /var/log/portbuilds
make build >/var/log/portbuilds/`make -V PKGNAME`.log 2>&1
make -V CONFIGURE_ARGS >> /var/log/portbuilds/`make -V PKGNAME`.log
cat `make -V WRKSRC`/config.log \
        >>/var/log/portbuilds/`make -V PKGNAME`.log

Then put that log up somewhere if you have webspace, or try to find references to '-pthread', 'libpthread', 'libthr' and the final link command that makes uic.

It's probably some setting you have or some stray library that causes this and until you get it resolved, you can't trust any threaded application you build from ports. Or, it's specific for qt, but I highly doubt that.

I'm getting an error!

bsdpc01# make build >/var/log/portbuilds/`make -V PKGNAME`.log 2>&1

Ambiguous output redirect.


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