Do Racoon and L2TP (l2tpd) work together?

I am trying to make an IPSec VPN server based on FreeBSD for W2K clients,
and I need the L2TP to pass through NAT.

I was able to get l2tpd to work by itself, (by disabling IPSec in Windows)
but when I bring racoon into the picture, W2K can no longer connect. The
error message is that the remote machine was not answering.

I have found several FreeBSD/racoon/IPSec <=> W2K tutorials, but none of
them address the issue using L2TP. It is supposed to work with FreeS/WAN,
but that means Linux....:x

Before I rack my brain any further, can someone tell me if this combination
is even possible?

Thanks in advance for the help!
Stephen Hoover
Dallas, Texas

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