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Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
Are you asking if FreeBSD can be made to run the ESX software so that
a FreeBSD server can virtualize multiple systems, or are you asking
if an ESX server can create a virtual machine that FreeBSD can run in?

If your using the commercial ESX product I would assume you would be
using it on it's own "bare metal" product incarnation which I think
uses a hacked-up version of Linux (without a compiler or any other
normal Linux tools).  In that case I do not see why you would have
a problem running multiple FreeBSD virtual servers on the ESX

That's not what OP is asking. He wants to run FreeBSD as VM in ESX.
There's currently no support from VMWare for FreeBSD, but it
runs anyway.
I figured that was what he was asking, but we should probably
hear from him to make sure that this is really what he was asking.

the original post was either from someone who didn't use English
as their native language, or they are paying for their Internet
connection by-the-byte and were trying to make the question as
short as possible, as a result, the entire meaning of the post
was lost.


OK, maybe I was not clear enough so I will try again.
I want to run FreeBSD as a VM Guest on a VMWare ESX Server. Currently
there is no problem with it and it works fine. The problems arise when
you want to take advantage of the HA ability of ESX Server, as it only
supports Virtual Machines with the VM Tools running.

So what I am asking is if someone has ever though about porting the
VMWare Tools to run in a FreeBSD Virtual Machine image.

Terry, Jeff Dickens replied this morning - perhaps his mail
crossed yours?  The answer is yes, you can do it with the
free vm tools from the free vmware product.  If you have
problems compiling these, please post.


Ted / Jeff,

Could you please let me know where to download these free vm tools. The only description at google I can find is that of the actual VMWare Tools by VMWare. If you point me to a download link that would be great!


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