Jeff Dickens wrote:
I just made a copy of /usr/lib/vmware/isoimages/freebsd.iso from VMware Server v1.0.4 under a different name, and moved it to the ESX server.

Then I mounted that ISO as a virtual cdrom on the freebsd guest, untarred the tools and ran the install script. It seems to work fine.

A couple of provisos: I don't use X windows on any of my FreeBSD systems, and the vmxnet accelerated virtual network adapter does not work properly. I use the e1000 adapter instead. It wouldn't be a bad idea to comment out the 'vmxnet_load="YES"' line from /boot/loader.conf, but it doesn't seem to cause problems just being loaded.

Furthermore, I don't use any of the virtualcenter features like vmotion, etc. I use freebsd guests for small-footprint servers, for example a dhcp and dnscache server with 512MB disk and 32MB ram.



Basically the only reason I have for using VM Tools is for the ability of Vmotion and such with our ESX Server farm. It's really the only benefit that the VM tools will give me on FreeBSD as all my virtual machines which are running FreeBSD are servers and don't use any GUI's either.

Currently there is nothing that doesn't run correctly under VMWare and I have not seen any lack of performance or anything compared to a physical machine. Maybe if enough of us push to have the VMWare Tools developed and certified for use with VMWare that they might actually get started.

I might develop some sort of E-Petition for it, what you think?


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