At 01:51 PM 3/18/2008, Darren Spruell wrote:
On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 11:07 AM, Derek Ragona
>  At 11:58 AM 3/18/2008, Darren Spruell wrote:
>> Xorg + nvidia-driver woes...
>  I also have a server running FreeBSD 7.0 with xorg 7.3 and an older Nvidia
> card.  I first had trouble under 6.3 when I upgraded to xorg 7.3 from 7.1.
> The nvidia driver seems to cause an interupt storm that paralyzes the
> system.  It doesn't freeze, but is so busy it is useless.
>  It runs OK, not great, using the native xorg 7.3 driver which has no GL
> support.

Do you (anyone?) know if it is possible to use dual-monitor support in
the nv driver? I don't need 3D acceleration necessarily, but
I've been of the impression that TwinView is needed for usable
dual-monitor capabilities. Someone (I thought) had mentioned earlier
that this driver didn't support Xinerama correctly (everything
stretched across two monitors).

I don't know which drivers support more than one monitor.

>  I don't have any idea what to do except wait for a new driver or xorg
> release that might fix this.

I notice it seems to be an unpopular sentiment in the FreeBSD
community, but as a user I feel it's worth mentioning it's upsetting
being at the mercy of a binary blob kernel driver. I've had pain from
6.3 also, and hoped that a clean installation of 7.0 might have
brought some good changes. Not the case, it seems.

Is it worthwhile to contact NVidia with bug reports? Does the FreeBSD
community amount to much of a blip on their radar? Do we have a direct
liaison in the community?

Never hurts to file a bug report. It seems to be in the nvidia older driver, I've not heard of the problem with the driver for the current cards.

As an aside, you could always replace your video card for a newer one that is fully supported.


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