Andreas Davour wrote:

No I have tried to manually download the package for openoffice, which barfed since dependencies where not present.

pkg_add -r didn't work since there was no package where it should have been on the site to download.

I have tried to build from source as well and that fails since the source can not be found. (ports tree updated)

How do I install it? I need it pretty bad right now.

It was't this hard last time I tried.


I installed mine from ports some time ago and didn't have any difficulties. It took ages to compile however - obviously - so if you need it right now this might not be an option.

A quick search in ftp's Latest directory does not reveal an openoffice package, but there is one in the All directory:

You could try the following, as root (assuming tcsh):


pkg_add -r

(there are also a 2.4 and a 3.0 version there, have a look at the ftp)

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