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Andreas Davour wrote:

No I have tried to manually download the package for openoffice, which barfed since dependencies where not present.

pkg_add -r didn't work since there was no package where it should have been on the site to download.

I have tried to build from source as well and that fails since the source can not be found. (ports tree updated)

How do I install it? I need it pretty bad right now.

It was't this hard last time I tried.

I installed mine from ports some time ago and didn't have any difficulties. It took ages to compile however - obviously - so if you need it right now this might not be an option.

It's the last option, yes. Even my dual core machine racing ahead at gigahertz will take forever.

It only took my computer just over four hours to install with 2x3Ghz dual core and 8Gb RAM.

My computer at work is only a dual PIII with only 1Gb RAM and it took almost 36 hours.

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