In <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Dan Delaney 
> Since we're on the subject of archaic software, does anyone know of a 
> good PDP-11 emulator that will run on FreeBSD? I'd like one that can 
> run the RSTS/E operating system. This is strictly for nostalgic 
> purposes :-) I learned how to program on a PDP-11 with RSTS/E back in 
> 1983. I still have copies of a bunch of the programs I wrote for it.

The emulators/sim port includes a collection of PDP-oid emulators,
including the PDP-11.

> Also, a DECsystem-10 emulator that can run TOPS-10 would be great! (I 
> was using one of those about the same time I was using the PDP-11).

Googling for "tops 10 emulator" turned up a link to a list of PDP-10

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