On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 12:28:20PM -0700, Predrag Punosevac wrote:
> Gary Kline wrote:
> >     Ihave my new printer here, hooked into my hub/switch.  What next?
> >     How to configure it to get a DHCP lease.  I just rebooted my
> >     pfSense firewall and do not see any new leases!
> >
> >  
> For starters I think this question is for Brother technical support not 
> for FreeBSD mailing list
> but since we are all family let me try to help you.

        I have the same feeling toward the FBSD lists annd users in 
        general.  (That's also why I dared risk this OT query here.)
        As for Brother tech support, the first thing out of their mouth
        would be, "Free what?  Are you smoking something?"  (******)

> Printer needs to be attached to DHCP server in order to get an address. 
> Obviously your switch is not DHCP server.
> You need honest NAT router (which contains DHCP server ) or attach it to 
> FreeBSD machine to which you installed
> DHCP server. Printer should be located in the LAN zone so firewall 
> should not be existing among those machines
> otherwise you need to enable port 631 for IPP and port 515 for LPR 
> printing protocol.

        Yes, you're absolutey right.  One issue is that before my network 
        re-org, I ran DHCP on my main server [it also served web, mail, DNS].
        Now my firewall box (running pfSense) handles DHCP.

        My daughter pluged in the cat5 into the switch, but it wasn't in 
        securely.  When I finally got down there and checked, I made 
        *certain*; the IP showed up before I could get back in my chair:-)
        and I', now looking at the main.html page.   Nutshell:

> How the printer gets initiated should be described in the manual you got 
> it with the printer.
> How the printer gets configured to be printer server is out of the scope 
> of these message but if you tell me which
> spooling system you use I could help you.

        I've been using simple lpr since the Dark Ages; should soon see 
        if I run into more problems here.   I'll take this off-list if I
        fumble again. Meanwhile, thanks for yourhelp.


> Sorry, I could not be of more help.
> Best,
> Predrag

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