On 2003-02-11 11:52, BSD Freak <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> That's basically what I'm asking. HOW do I make procmail the local
> delivery agent in sendmail...

Add the lines preceded by + below to your sendmail.mc file, regenerate
sendmail.cf and add your site-wide filters to /usr/local/etc/procmailrc

        + FEATURE(`local_procmail')dnl
        + MAILER(procmail)dnl

This is documented in detail in /usr/share/sendmail/cf/README around
line 1057:

    1057 local_procmail  Use procmail or another delivery agent as the local mailer.
    1058                 The argument to this feature is the pathname of the
    1059                 delivery agent, which defaults to PROCMAIL_MAILER_PATH.

- Giorgos

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