Note: I'm asking this on behalf of a small company that I work with that
occasionally sends newsletters to customers who have signed up for them on
the company's website.

I'm working with a FreeBSD 4.7-STABLE system that acts as a webserver for a
small hosting firm.  They need to send about 25,000 emails on a regular
basis, and they use Sendmail as their MTA (and they and I have no desire to
change that).  Right now, their mail is send via an in-house program that
essentially calls the sendmail binary a lot of times.  Said program has a
tendency to cripple the server during these bursts, and has no provisions
for anything like collecting a list of bounced emails.

We're not really in a position to install a lot of different programs for
testing; the idea of screwing up 25,000 mails with their clients' names on
it just isn't pretty.  So, then, I could use a few recommendations.  We need
a program that can take a list of email addresses and a message, and deliver
that message to the named recipients, probably by injecting them into
Sendmail's outbound queue.  Extra happy bonus points if the program can be
configured to parse bounce messages to collate a list of dead addresses.

Also, I've followed some online instructions to make a few (16)
subdirectories under /var/spool/mqueue, and added to the local

    define(`confMAX_RUNNERS_PER_QUEUE', `16')dnl

Does FreeBSD have a built-in way for launching a bunch of extra queue
runners, or should that be part of the bulk-mail sending script?

This company's server will be forever grateful for any useful suggestions.
Kirk Strauser
In Googlis non est, ergo non est.

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