I am planning to setup various services (including mail server, DNS server, hosting / web services) that could potentially grow in a very important way.

As a resonable person - I would like to plan It for my actual needs (suiting the first year of exploitation = 1Tb) and after that eventually grow the file system using the most simple and less anoying solution…

I wanted to have your point of view on the potential way to build the best hosting solution, knowing that most important things are:

- Use (if possible) a 100% compatible FBSD solution.
- Also be compatbile with other flavor of Unix (Linux,…).
- Offer an expandable and simple to manage solution for storage.
- Figure out a good solution for backup.

Today I have 2 solutions in mind:

1. Use a blade system including 2 or 3 blades at first with an external attached storage device (whom type has to be defined); 2. Use various servers on their own and dispatch services accordingly on each server.
3. Another solution…

I wanted to know:

- If anyone has been using blade system with FreeBSD and what problem he has been facing? - If you have some specific advise regarding File System configuration or options?
- What storage solution you find best and easiest to manage?

Main point is: stability and sustainable.

Thanks for your support.

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