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We're not really in a position to install a lot of different programs for
testing; the idea of screwing up 25,000 mails with their clients' names on
it just isn't pretty.  So, then, I could use a few recommendations.  We need
a program that can take a list of email addresses and a message, and deliver
that message to the named recipients, probably by injecting them into
Sendmail's outbound queue.  Extra happy bonus points if the program can be
configured to parse bounce messages to collate a list of dead addresses.
What you want is a mailing list. Check out MailMan, from, or the description in FreeBSD's ports:

99-sec% cat /usr/ports/mail/mailman/pkg-descr
Paraphrasing the website:

Mailman is a mailing list manager (MLM); that is, software to help
manage email discussion lists, much like Majordomo, LISTSERV, and the
like. Unlike most similar products, Mailman gives each mailing list a
web page and allows users to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change their
preferences via the web. Even a list manager can administer his or her
list(s) entirely via the web. Mailman integrates many common MLM
features, including web-based archiving (though it also has hooks for
external archivers), mail-to-news gateways, bounce handling, spam
prevention, Majordomo-style email-based list administration, direct SMTP
delivery (with fast bulk mailing), digest delivery, virtual domain
support, and more.
[ ...rewrapped above text for mailing list... ]

Also, I've followed some online instructions to make a few (16)
subdirectories under /var/spool/mqueue, and added to the local

    define(`confMAX_RUNNERS_PER_QUEUE', `16')dnl

Does FreeBSD have a built-in way for launching a bunch of extra queue
runners, or should that be part of the bulk-mail sending script?
For the volume you're dealing with, simply pipelining mail submission via SMTP (rather than by opening connections as fast as your other program does) will probably solve all of your issues.

[ That and having mailman trim your mailing list of old email addresses.
If not, next look into deferred delivery mode, persistant host status, and then tuning your queue runners further. ]


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