Gary Kline wrote:
        Not to bore anyone, but my finding may be of interest.
        Predrag pointed me at a Brother lpr/printcap setup for Linux--
        will wonders never cease?, :-).  The URL is

and had configurations (binaries, not plaintext) for Redhat andDebian. I managed to install, and thus unpack, the *deb (is that cpio?) on my Ubuntu desktop.
        Very late last night it occurred to me that the reason no
        /dev/lpt0 was that my parallel cable isn't plugged into my new
        printer.  The test pages work via the cat5 <-> switch; this
HTML helped me configure the 5250. When I another geek over here to plug things together, I'll be able to test the
        /etc/printcap.   Here it is, as auto-installed by dpkg -i::


Most of this will port to FreeBSD easily. The Brother directory is full of two subdirs each with a number of files. The input
        filter, "filterHL5250DN" and other /bin/sh scripts in lpd/
        will take some porting.   Soooooooo: is printcap the best way to
go? What about IPP?
IPP is internet printing protocol spoken by CUPS spooling system. Your printer speaks both IPP and LPR native printing protocol spoken by LPD. I honestly would not bother much with all that nonsense from Brother web-site.

Since you have Ubuntu and FreeBSD machine to make things as simple as possible attach printer directly to the network (that is why you have DN extension in the name of your printer) and make it printer server.

Ubuntu comes with CUPS which speaks IPP and adding printing should be matter of selecting it in the Gnome printer
You could edit printcap file for remote printer on your FreeBSD box. Look the FreeBSD Handbook
section 9.4.3.

If you want to have identical set up on FreeBSD machine as on the Ubuntu machine add the CUPS. Do not forget to hide native LPD commands (example mv /usr/bin/lp /usr/bin/lp.bak)

You need to edit file /usr/local/etc/cups/client.conf on FreeBSD to enable client printing.
Start CUPS daemon and
then go to http://localhost:631 and add the printer. You can find PPD file for the printer on

Just follow the documentation for CUPS client setup


The nutshell is that I'd like to use the
printer in the way that takes the least messing-with. I have two "desktop", BSD and Ubuntu. I would like to make the FreeBSD computer my printserver ... if I can't use the 5250 as a networked printer.

        Advice please!!


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