Novembre wrote:

Anyhow, smbd was looking for which I don't have, but I
do have a and in /usr/local/lib/ (the
latter is a symlink to the former). Also, exists in
/usr/local/lib/compat/pkg/. So what I did was creating a symlink to and called it, and after rebooting,
smbd starts just fine. I don't know whether I'm allowed to do such a
thing or not, but since I didn't get any error message while upgrading
samba, I don't know what could have gone wrong...

Any ideas? :)

You probably missed this one (from UPDATING):

  AFFECTS: users of security/gnutls and any port that depends on it

  gnutls has been updated to 2.2.2 and all shared libraries' versions
  have been bumped. So you need to rebuild all applications that
  depend on gnutls. Do something like:

        portupgrade -rf gnutls


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