Kevin Oberman wrote:

How large a file can I create on a FAT32 msdos partition with FreeBSD Stable?

I would have expected to be able to create a 4GB-2 file, but seem to be limited to 2GB-1. Is there such a limit and, if not, any idea why I am unable to create a really large file? Is this a bug?

I did make a 4GB file by appending 2GB-1 onto a 2GB-1 file, but I can't seem to do much with this file.


A month or so ago I asked a similar question only I was having difficulty just reading a file > 2GB on a NTFS partition. Which brings me to my question is there a file system that can store files greater than 2GB and that can be read from and written to in both windows 2k/xp and FreeBSD?

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