"Aslak Evang" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>I installed FBSD 5 on my Toshiba laptop a week ago. I've installed KDE 3.1
>and I'm using the NVIDIA drivers with X. At, what seems to me like, totally
>random times, the system locks up hard and needs to be switched off and on
>again to work.

I've just tried the driver on a 5.0 desktop with nVidia Ti4200 and I get
similar lock-ups.  I also find that I get no display after shutting down
KDE, so it's back to the nv driver for now.  (Tried turning ACPI off etc.)

There's good info and FAQ at:

>I know the Nvidia drivers doesn't support 5.0, but if I use the regular NV
>drivers i get a 2cm wide black line on the right side of my screen...

Have you tried xvidtune? I'm not sure about using it on a laptop display though.


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