I've got a machine with an SiI 3112 based (Definately Silicon Image, I'm 97% certain it was 3112) PCI SATA controller board in it. The board was just installed, and is not working. I don't get a BIOS screen on startup for it, but it is shown in the PCI device listing. The board is an ASUS A7V, so it wouldn't at all surprise me if there's a problem with the BIOS.

This is all FreeBSD 6.3 has to say on the subject :
pci0: <mass storage, RAID> at device 11.0 (no driver attached)

According to the ata(4) manpage, the ata driver is supposed to support this chipset? I found pciconf

pciconf gives the following output
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:11:0: class=0x010400 card=0x61121095 chip=0x21121095 rev=0x02 hdr=0x00
   vendor     = 'Silicon Image Inc (Was: CMD Technology Inc)'
   class      = mass storage
   subclass   = RAID

Is there a way to force the ata driver to treat this as an Si3112 and see what happens? I can't imagine this makes a difference, but there's actually 3 ATA controllers in the machine - The VIA chipset, an integrated Promise Ultra/100, and now the SiI board.

- Andrew

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