> I've been learning about a bunch of the BSD OSes, and i want to try Free
> BSD, but i can't figure out how to download it and the instructions don't
> make sense. I am running Windows XP OS- can you tell me how to download
> Free BSD with it?

The easiest method is probably to download CD-ROM images as per instructions 


More specifically for amd64 (if you have one of the newer 64 bit computers) 
you have:


Or for i386 (older 32 bit):


DIsc 1 
respectively) are enough to install the operating system directly from CD.

For actually burning the images onto a physical CD, you would have to use 
whichever CD burning software you have in Windows XP.

Make sure you consult the FreeBSD handbook in relation to installation and 


I don't know if this made any more sense than what you have already read. If 
things are unclear, please clarify what part you are having trouble will!

/ Peter Schuller

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