At 06:27 PM 3/21/2008, Andy Christianson wrote:
Hello everyone,

I am having a very strange problem. My sever stopped responding in SSH.
At the time,

a co-worker said he was importing a MySQL database from a USB drive
mounted as ext2fs.

I went back to check on the console, and it was scrolling *EXTREMELY*
quickly with

apparently random text (it could have said something, but it was too
fast to read).

I could not switch to another virtual console. It would not respond to
any keyboard input.

Oddly enough, the machine was still responding to ICMP.

Does anyone have ANY clues as to what this could be? This is a server
that an entire

Company runs on, so it's really important that I find out what is
causing this.

Thanks in advance! This FreeBSD community is the friendliest one I've
found yet.


ICMP will continue to respond unless the system is completely locked up. ICMP is a basic function built into the ethernet interface. I suspect the rest of you system was so tied up, with CPU at 100%. So the random text is whatever the system could still output to the console before being totally consumed.

You would do well to try a few things. I would try the import of the data again but do it in two steps. First move the data from the USB drive to the hard drive, and unmount the usb drive. Then try the import from the file(s) on the hard drive.

Your system may have had trouble with the usb drive and that caused the system to freeze.


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