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I suppose this is more a question on ports than on Tinybsd.

I'm trying to build a Tinybsd 0.9 system with DHCP-server (isc-dhcpd3)
and included it in tinybsd.ports file.  When the system builds though,
there is an on-screen configuration menu for the dhcpd3 port.  This
screen appears, but is not able to take keyboard input.  Ultimately,
it wasn't possible to configure anything, and the only thing I could
do was to hit enter and continue with the defaults.

Is there any way to circumvent this onscreen menu?

Running make config in the port dir before making Tinybsd should prevent it. The config is saved under /var/db/ports. If Tinybsd is doing standard port system commands (cd net/dhcp3-server; make install), it should pick up the existing config and go with it.

Or, running tinybsd with the enironment BATCH=yes will skip the port config, and build what is default if no config file exists. This one you probably don't want, but if the above doesn't work, this is something else to try. This may affect tinybsd in a way that is unpredictable though.

Good luck,
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