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Darrell Blake wrote:
I'm SSHing to my server from my desktop as I haven't actually got a
monitor on the server but when I do a sockstat I get the following
output regarding svn:

svuser    svnserve   846   3  tcp6   *:3690                *:*

When I try and do "telnet 3690" on the server I get...

telnet: connect to address Connection refused.
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host

...and if I try and do "telnet 3690" from my desktop I get...

Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port 3690
: Connect failed"

I'm not opposed to using SVN via SSH but I'd kind like to get a
vanilla SVN server going first. It's becoming an unusually steep
learning curve =o)

I wonder if you have inetd running and intercepting these
connections--not likely, but you can check.

Have you gone through the /path-to-repository/conf/svnserve.conf
file and twiddled with any of the settings in there?

Check man svnserve.conf and man svnserve (there's a debug setting
for the server that might provide some clues as to why connections
are failing).  Particularly, in svnserve.conf(5) is:

  "anon-access = none|read|write
      Determines the access  level  for  unauthenticated  users.   write
      access  allows  all repository operations.  read access allows all
      operations except committing  and  changing  revision  properties.
      none access allows no access.  The default level is read.

   auth-access = none|read|write ..."


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