On Mon, Feb 10, 2003 at 04:09:37PM -0500, Phillip Smith (mailing list) wrote:

> Just wondering if anyone has a suggestion for an elegant way to start
> fetchmail back up for any/all users (with a .fetchmailrc file in their
> home dir), after a system reboot?
> Would a script in rc.d/ be the way to go?

Do you need to run an instance of fetchmail for each user?  There's
two ways of starting fetchmail up that would suit:

First, take a look at the documentation for '@reboot' in crontab(5).
Copy that line into each user's crontab and you're all set.

Second: fetchmail daemon mode has the handy feature that the first
time you call fetchmail, it daemonizes and runs continuously from then
on.  Subsequent attempts to run fetchmail will result in signaling the
original fetchmail process to poll the mailservers immediately.  That
means if you configure the user's mail agents to call fetchmail when
they hit the 'check for new mail' button (which usually also gets
invoked when the mail client starts up) then fetchmail will be started



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