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okay, retrying with no mime attachments. blew a synapse.

i have installed FreeBSD 4.7, customised X a bit, installed xmms from a port to start getting used to the system, and now i am ready for a bigger challenge: an internet connection.

i have the handbook, and have read and executed the section on PPPoE (which is what i presume i need to do for getting DSL running). my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-7VRXP) has a built-in RealTek ethernet port which seems to install correctly during bootup (how can i test it?), and tells me that it is rl0. i am in germany and have a Telekom 300 LAN DSL modem, and will be connecting to 1und1, in case anyone is familiar with this setup.

i have added the lines to the /etc/ppp/ppp.conf as in the manual (is it out of date for 4.7, it describes 4.5), with a couple of minor areas of uncertainty. the line:

set device PPPoE:rl0

i presume this is what i do with this line. the other line i am not so sure about is the:

set ifaddr

it follows the manual, so i guess it is right. it just seems odd, since this has nothing to do with my system.
anyway, running ppp from the commandline and then typing 'dial myprovider' yields the logfile below. i replaced my userid with XXXXX, but it is my login name in the ppp.conf file.

if anyone could help me out, i would be very appreciative.

as background, i am doing this to a large extent as a learning experience, so while it would be great to be on the net with FreeBSD, it is at least as important to me to learn and understand what is going on. i simply have no networking experience, so i don't understand the output, and as usual the man pages are great for people who already know most of the stuff but just need to find an option or two, but less good for someone who is learning from scratch. i am not adverse to reading lots of material, as long as it is well written and informative. any links and/or references would thus be appreciated (the man pages will have to come later, once i have the fundamentals understood). a good book would be a Good Thing.

thanks in advance.

There's a good document (I'll assume you speak german if you are a customer of 1&1/DT), so I recommend to search on google for 'FreeBSD T-DSL'. There is a really good HowTo which guides you to the entire configuration process...

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