Patrick C wrote:

Is there any support for built-in redundancy on the server level? I just
need changes replicated, CARP can handle failover.

with LDAP? Sure.  In fact, there are two mechanisms available with
OpenLDAP: replicated and 'syncrepl'.  See

Actually, that diagram is confusing: the basic replication uses a separate process 'slurpd' to manage updating the slave server, whereas
synchronous replication just uses a connection from the slave slapd to
the master. Synchrepl seems to me to be the way to go.

In any case, the way the system works is this: one LDAP instance is the
master and the only one to allow writes to itself.  The other instances
get a feed of all updates which allows them to maintain a duplicate of
the database contents.  You can issue writes to the slave LDAPs but they
will be transformed into referrals to the master server -- ie. your client
needs to be able to access the master if it needs to write to the database.

ie. If all you ever want to do is *read* from LDAP during normal operation,
then you can make a nice replicated resilient system.  If you need to
routinely *write* to the DB, then no, you need to have the master server



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