I have a question regarding setting up a VPN on a multihomed WAN link,
we are thinking about setting up a site with two load balanced ADSL
links that includes a site to site VPN.

Will this multi-home setup be co-ordinated with a single ISP?

The problem with this setup is that most ISP's can not guarantee which LNS your ADSL will connect to, ingress traffic may not be load-balanced, or may not work at all.

Does anyone have any experience in this kind of setup that could offer
up any advice?

Yes, but we need a few questions answered first.

- one or more ISP's (are you looking for ISP redundancy)
- will this particular site be the VPN end point for the other sites (and do you have other ingress traffic to this site, ie web server, email server etc) - is your ISP(s) co-operative when it comes to changing their network to suit it's clients
- does your ISP(s) support multi-link (aka bonded, aka bundled) ADSL links
- are you looking strictly for load-balancing, or do you want redundancy too

If you don't get too far here, you may want to migrate the thread over to -net.


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