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Hi All,

Just new here, so if this has been dealt with before, pls excuse me.
I've seen only a few posts dealing w/ ATi drivers ("ati" and "radeon") on
v7.0-STABLE and Xorg, and together with my own experience I'm inclined to
suspect there's something wrong with this combo. Or "wrong"... it may
need special attention, but I lack the knowledge to prove or find a
definitive answer, and you ppl here might.

For a while I've been running 6.2-STABLE w/ Xorg on a Dell Latitude C610.
Worked nicely @ 1400x1050, no problems.
A few days ago I've performed a fresh install of 7.0-STABLE. The install
was done for User/X-User, nothing (cvs, ports, etc) has been added or
modified apart from network settings to be able to ssh/scp.
The problem: there's no way that I can get a decent graphics resolution
like I was used to. The only one xorg.conf setting that resulted in
stable graphics was 'Driver "vga"' and 'Mode "640x480"'.

Try the new radeonhd driver.

If that doesn't work, post the relevant portion of your Xorg.log file and/or dmesg.

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Senior Information Security Analyst
The University of Texas at Dallas

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