Alphons "Fonz" van Werven wrote:
Matthias Apitz wrote:

the main difference between home and work is: WEP at home and WPA2 at

Which WiFi board are you using? Several drivers are known to cause panics when
used with WPA.

I am aware only of issues with USB adapters being removed while wpa_supplicant is running. This is a race in the usb code that I have worked around in the forthcoming vap code (not sure if the technique I used can be ported to RELENG_7). Regardless, for any issue to be pursued the usual info is required; the device identity, a stack trace, and if possible, debug msgs from the kernel prior to a problem (wlandebug enables net80211 msgs and every driver has a debug msg knob that may or may not require building a kernel w/ msgs enabled).

iwi has most recently been tended by Andrew Thompson who is traveling so may not follow up for a bit (if sufficient info is provided).


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