if the modem is connected to a COM port, it should work without any specific driver (almost all modems support standard Hayes commands). and i think that "for Windows" means "drivers and support for windows", but the hardware part should be compatible with FreeBSD. try to send commands through the com port...

but I don't know for a USB version.

Matt Smith wrote:
I recently ordered a modem, but the wrong one was delivered.  The one I
ordered claimed to support Windows + Linux, but the one I received is a
US Robotics 56K V92 PCI FAX Modem for Windows.  Before I send this back
and go through the hassle of getting the right one, does anyone know if
I can get this to work in FreeBSD?  I know it's a winmodem, but it may
be less painful to try and make it work, than to return it.

Thanks all,

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