Outback Dingo wrote:
I installed FreeBSD 7 on a IBM thinkpad Z60M,  Xorg from ports, 3 different
window managers, kde, xfce4 and fvwm-crystal
in console, there is no issue

in X anytime i type something on the keyboard, anything, regardelss of being
in a console or in firefox

the text doesnt display, or execute until i move the mouse

ie.. in a console under X if i were to type

ps ax<CR>

nothing would print, or execute until i moved the mouse, then it prints and
in firefox, i can type in a full url in the address bar, nothing types or
prints until i move the mouse
if i click file, the menu doesnt open until i move the mouse ever so
This occurs in all window managers, both xfce and fvwm-crystal, which leads
me to think this is an
OS problem or a port installed the all window managers use.. ie... dbus? fam
? hal ?
its quite odd and disturbing since i used kde3 on FreeBSD-7-PRERELEASE and
BETAs for months
this same laptop has run FreeBSD fine for 2 years.... i blew away the old
installation to install a fresh system
all ports are built from ports.... im connected to the intenet via wireless
( iwi0 ) and have a usb mouse ( logitech ) video for X is ATI
Ive had the same hardware for the longest time, a fresh install and a fresh
set of packages on 7 is now creating havoc
even networking seems choppy unless i am moving the mouse, like during a
download, console doesnt update until the mouse moves

any thought or ideas on where to start looking ? dmesg attached

It's a known issue under discussion in the freebsd-x11 list at the moment.
Something in the latest gnome upgrade went a bit askew, and hal is running
rampant and causing havoc.

Some suggested fixes are:

  * Reconfigure Xorg so it recognises your mouse as /dev/usm0 (for USB mice)
    or /dev/psm0 (for ps/2 mice) rather than /dev/sysmouse

  * Apply a patch to the sysutils/hal port created by Joe Marcus Clarke -- see

  * Recompile x11-servers/xorg-server after toggling off the HAL support in the
    OPTIONS dialogue.

However, all of these are still in really the very early stages of debugging and
solving this problem.  Any of the proposed solutions has undesirable side 
which may or may not preclude your being able to use them.  I recommend that you
read the entire thread 'X pausing until mouse move' starting here:


so you understand the pros and cons as well as is possible before trying 



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