Isaac Mushinsky wrote:
Anish Mistry (the port maintainer) has answered below. It seems that this is
a printer defect after all then. I'll try to patch the code to fill in the
missing serial id with some fake string, and shall report if I get the thing
to work.

Is the hp backend the only entry point to libusb, or should I have to patch
libusb? e.g. cups or sane apps, can they call libusb directly, or only
through hpaio backend? I would rather have a patch to hplip distribution
only, because libusb correctly throws an error code for the missing serial
id. But if some apps query the device directly, the missing serial id may be
a problem, they will all have to all be patched separately.

I wouldn't touch HPLIP. If something is wrong report upstream. They should patch. No you do not have to patch any

Look at the files


usr//src/sys/dev/usb/ugen.c (I think that this one needs to be patched)



 It looks like there is some problem with the C42XX printers that is
causing the serial numbers to no be reported.  I got a similar report
about a HP Photosmart C4200 series a couple weeks ago.  Unfortunately
I'm VERY busy right now.  It will be a couple of week before I can
dive into the issue.  If you do happen to find a solution, please let
me know so I can integrate it into the port and notify others.
Anish Mistry
AM Productions

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