I am trying to restore a backup of /usr created with dump using the command:

dump -0 -Lauf - / | bzip2 | dd of=root.backup

When I restore / and /var partitions, I don't have any problems. Here's how I
do it:

1. boot FreeBSD 7.0 live CD and go to fixit mode.
2. mount /dev/ads1a partition into /mnt.
3. restore / without problems - over network using command:
   ssh cat root.backup | /mnt2/usr/bin/bzip2 -d -c | restore -vrf -
4. mount all other partitions - /dev/ad0s1f and /dev/ad0s1d under /mnt/usr and 
5. restore /var without problems as above.
6. when I try to restore /usr partition (with the command above), I get this
   several times (cca. 10x):

   /: write failed, filesystem is full

   and the restore procedure proceeds, however at the end most of the 
   under /mnt/usr are empty (but not all of them).

I guess this might be because there are many more files in /usr backup file and
restore tries to "cache" filenames into some file on / partition (which is in 
mode very small "ramfs" partition, right?). And because this "cache" grows too 
restore cannot save all the filenames and therefore also cannot restore them.

How to solve this? I have also tried restoring interactively, but the result is 
before I get the restore's "command prompt", I get those "filesystem is full" 
errors and
if I walk through the directories of the archive with "cd" and "ls", most of 
are empty.

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