In the last episode (Mar 28), Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET said:
>       Is there a quick/easy (cookbook?) way to do port redirects.
> Basically I want that anything that leaves a specific interface to
> any ip on port 80 go to port 87.
>       I'm using ipfw for some other things so it has to work and play
> well with that.

Make sure "options IPFIREWALL_FORWARD" is in your kernel config:

  ipfw add 500 forward tcp from any to any 80 
Note that this is a routing-style forward.  The source and destination
addresses are unchanged, so you will likely need another ipfw fwd rule
at the destination machine to capture the traffic and force-forward it
to (or wherever you want it to go).  If you're planning on
passing the traffic to squid, there's a big FAQ section with some
alternate methods:

        Dan Nelson
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