I have set up a Linux Boot DHCP server (for other reasons that hopefully will become obvious later) which points to the BSD based tftp server.

I did try to recompile the BSD pxeboot program to use TFTP as per the following but this did not appear to work as booting it still prompted for an NFS path :

echo LOADER_TFTP_SUPPORT=YES >> /etc/make.conf; cd /usr/src/sys/boot/; make clean; make depend; make; cp i386/pxeldr/pxeboot /tftpboot/freebsd


I set up /etc/exports with "/tftpboot/ -alldirs ro", and started up nfs.
This works fine for manual mounting and for installing via nfs after booting off CD but I get the following errors when PXE booting...

pxe_open: server addr: <serverip>
pxe_open: server path: /tftpboot/freebsd
pxe_open: gateway ip: <subnetgatewayip>
can't load 'kernel'

The /tftpboot/freebsd/boot/loader.rc file contents are given here ( I have tried full OS paths to these as well to no avail) :

echo Loading Kernel
load /boot/kernel/kernel
load linux.ko
echo Booting
load -r /mfs_root/mfsroot.gz
echo \007\007
echo initialiasing h0h0magic
set vfs.root.mountfrom=ufs:/dev/md0c

IMPORTANT: I am booting the client within a vmware-based instance (Vmware-server 1.0.4 on Centos 4.4) using bridged networking.

I am obviously missing something obvious. Can you please point this out to me?! :-)

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