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I am trying to limit the bandwidth available to some connections and I'm not sure FreeBSD can handle this. Maybe some of you can help. Here's what I need to have exactly.

No matter what the number of connections, each connection should have at most/least 50kbps guaranteed outbound on port 80.

I've tried dummynet but it doesn't do what I need because if I define a pipe with 1mbps and if I have 1000 connections, each connection will have less than 50kbps.

Any way to do this in FreeBSD ?

I can't think of any way to dynamically allocate a new pipe for each individual connection with any firewall software I've used.

Have you considered getting your web server to do the limiting for you? I think "mod_bandwidth" for Apache is designed to do what you're asking, but I've never used it.
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