This worked like a CHARM!  This is very much appreciated! :)

Mel wrote:
On Thursday 03 April 2008 17:23:10 Victor Farah wrote:

        I have a default install of freebsd 6.2, and I enable ftpd in inetd.
That all works nicely, I add a user to the system that needs to access
ONLY two directories that are in two different places.
For example: /usr/local/www/dir1 and /usr/local/www/dir2/

There are many directories in /usr/local/www/ that this person SHOULD
not have access too.
mkdir /home/personX/dir1 /home/personX/dir2
mount -t nullfs /usr/local/www/dir1 /home/personX/dir1
mount -t nullfs /usr/local/www/dir2 /home/personX/dir2

Done. You can also add '-o ro' if the user isn't allowed to make changes to the directories.
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