In <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, miloman68 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> typed:
> Just wanted to ask if it is possible (advisable) to configure my Windows XP
> machine with three separate primary partitions and run XP on one, FreeBSD
> on another, and RedHat Linux on the third.  I want to start "teaching"
> myself other OS's besides Windows, but need to keep XP on my home system
> for my families use.  Thanks in advance for your assistance.

I've got a box doing almost exactly that. I'm using Gentoo Linux, and
have two FreeBSD partitions - one for -STABLE and one for -CURRENT. I
use grub, from the FreeBSD ports tree, to boot whichever I need at
the time.

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Independent WWW/Perforce/FreeBSD/Unix consultant, email for more information.

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