I have a sh script im working on that is going to be able to run by
the init/rc process.  That same script can also be run after the
system is started.

I need a way to have the sh script detect WHERE in the boot process
the server is when it is being executed.

for example, once a login prompt appears there should be a getty running.

prior to that time there shouldnt be a getty running, and if there
isnt a gettty running, then the script must be called from the rc
process and therefore I can do X instead of Y which I do when the
system is fully operational.

This is my thought process but I dont understand how to carry it out,
or if the thought process actually makes sense.

is there a better way for me to do what Im trying to do, and if there
isnt and Im on the right track, how do I do what Im asking?
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