Hello Lowell,

Thank you so much for the reply. I am trying to do the build once and
use prebuilt packages for the target boxes. However the problem I am
facing is a bit crude.

Lets assume I am trying to build pkgA which has dependencies of pkgB
and pkgC. The process I am following is

cd /usr/ports/xxx/pkgA ; make package. This makes the prebuilt package
in /usr/ports/ packages. However it does not case about pkgB which is
a dependency.

On a target system when I am trying to pkg_add it, it is rightly
complaining about a missing dependency and also saying that it cant
find the package in the local repository and aborting.

How can this be taken care of?


On Sat, Apr 5, 2008 at 6:26 PM, Lowell Gilbert
> Subhro <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I am trying to get a Network install working on my local network. I
> > have been able to successfully create a NFS export of the installation
> > disk and perform a install from there. The target machines boot over
> > PXE and fetch "stuff" from the NFS.
> >
> > However I am unable to figure out how to get the packages working. I
> > have a list of about 180 packages which needs to be installed. But I
> > am unable to figure out how to go about it. I would like to use
> > precompiled packages, but the CD do not contain the packages I am
> > looking for. One of the option is to mirror the whole package
> > directory from the freebsd mirrors, but that story involves a lot of
> > data transfer and bandwidth. Is there something obvious I am missing?
> >
> > Any help would be highly appreciated.
> There are a number of ways to do this general sort of thing.  For the
> base system approach, with pkg_add(1), setting PACKAGEROOT (or
> possibly PACKAGESITE depending on exactly how you configure the server
> for network fetch, or PKG_PATH if the clients have the NFS directory
> mounted) should be good enough.
> On the other hand, the way I do it is to have a master server, where I
> build everything (or fetch everything, if I don't want to build it
> myself).  Then the other machines mount /usr/ports from the master
> server.  I use portupgrade to do the installs from the clients, which
> knows how to use packages when available locally and only fetch them
> if they aren't.
> I hope this helps.
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