On Tue, Feb 11, 2003 at 02:00:16PM -0600, Lars Eighner wrote:
>          The answer to FAQ question 4.29 (What if my PnP modem isn't
>          recognized says to make a kernel with the "pnp0 controller"
>          (and then do a bunch of other stuff).
>          The LINT in a recently cvsupped source tree (for i386)
>          doesn't know anything about a pnp0.  I tried
>          device pnp0
>          and then I tried
>          pseudo-device pnp0
>          I don't know how to include this pnp0 controller referred to
>          in the FAQ is or how to get it.

That FAQ entry seems a bit outdated.
It was correct for FreeBSD 3.x, but FreeBSD 4.x does not have "controller
pnp0" and there is no longer any support for manual pnp-configuration
at boot time.

There are probably several other entries in the FAQ that were correct
when written but where the given answers no longer applies to current
software versions.

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Erik Trulsson

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