I've many years of experience with FreeBSD, Linux and Unix. However,
when it comes to getting a D-link USB FM radio working, I'm stumped.
I'm appealing to anyone on this list for help!

I'm running FreeBSD-4.7-stable -- uname output:

FreeBSD delta.local.net 4.7-RELEASE-p3 FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE-p3 #0: Tue Feb 11 15:45:59 
EST 2003     [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/src/sys/compile/SERVER  i386

I've added the requisite kernel option in my kernel
config - standard usb options plus:

# radio
device ufm

And a line in rc.conf to start usbd:

usbd_enable="YES"       # Run the usbd daemon.

At boot time, the device is recognized -- dmesg output:

ufm0: GemTek Corp USB FM Radio, rev 1.00/4.10, addr 2

Next, I found a patch for MAKEDEV, to create the proper
device (cd /dev ; sh MAKEDEV ufm0):

crw-rw----  1 root  operator  200,   0 Feb 11 20:16 /dev/ufm0

Finally, I found and compiled three different utilities
to control the radio. Unfortunately, all three fail:

1. 'ufmctl' by M. Warner Losh (2001)

2. a patched version of 'ufmctl' by David Yeske (2002)


delta# ufmctl
   -d sets device, default is "/dev/ufm0".
   -f sets freq
   -h help
   -i info
   -m mutes the radio
   -s unmutes the radio
delta# ufmctl -f 92.9 -s
ufmctl: FM_START: Input/output error
Tuner /dev/ufm0 at 92.90MHz status off

3. a slick 'ufmcontrol' package available from sourceforge.net


delta# ufmcontrol
USB Radio Control utility, version 0.1
Type `?' for command list

ufmcontrol> verbose yes
ufmcontrol> set 92.9
ufmcontrol> get
FM 92.90 MHz
ufmcontrol> play
ufmcontrol: Input/output error

Why am I getting these I/O errors? Any thoughts?


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