Leslie Jensen wrote:

Joe Kraft skrev:
I'm looking for a web based collaborative geneology software to run on FreeBSD. Does anyone here have an experience with any of the packages out there?

I'm looking at PhpGedView, GeneWeb and Poplar.  Any recommendations?

I'm also looking at the info on GRAMPS, but don't see anything to provide web based access to a GRAMPS database.

I'm running Gramps and it suits my needs. I found the webbased programs to be less intuitive.

You need to export the database if you want to share it.

Thanks for the recommendation.

With the little bit of experimentation from yesterday, I like Gramps also. I guess the perfect solution for what I'd like is to use the Gramps database and application locally, but have a web application that would access the same database.

It would also be nice to be able to moderate the changes from web users kind of like what musicbrains.org does for mp3 tags.


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