Andrew Lankford wrote:
To my knowledge, DRI extensions have never worked with i810 on FreeBSD.
Whenever I felt tinkering with the config to see I could enable DRI, it
wouldn't take, but I don't think it ever mucked up my screen. My video monitor
did have some trouble with the DDC option (on my stable partition, just after
I had upgraded the bios), but DDC seems to work ok now. If you do get it working, I would stay with a DefaultDepth of 16 instead of 24, as
a setting of 24 tends to slow demanding apps down without noticeably improving picture quality. Notice also that the HorizSync and VertRefresh values are
a tiny bit different on mine as well.
Anyway, here's my XF86Config:

Aargh. I tried both the changes you suggested, as well as adjusting only the relevant parts of your config and trying it.. same result in both cases. I even pulled a Red Hat 7.3 XFree86-4 config off of a working X station and adjusted paths, etc. Same stupid staticy crap with the white square ;)

Anyway. I hate getting whooped by something this stupid, but I'm at wit's end. Any other suggestions? If not, I found another huddy OEM Gateway box with a different video card. I've got half a mind to try X out on it.

Darren Spruell
Sento IS Department

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